It's all good...

A little background...

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow


Anyone familiar with Arcadia Valley knows all about the old Fort Davidson Cafe.  If you're up in years, you probably have fond memories of coming here as a child to eat some great fried chicken and drink your favorite soda pop.

This building first became a restaurant in the 60's and has been a staple of the community since then.


In November of 2016 a new ownership group decided to take a chance on reinvigorating the cafe for a new generation.

The restaurant needed a facelift and a new image.  This is behind many of the changes being made.  This isn't the 1960's anymore.  The new logo and name symbolize a more modern vibe and represent the changes that are coming.

Chuck and Diane Correll, the new owners, have lived in the valley for over 15 years.  Diane's family is originally from this area.  Matter of fact, Diane's great-great grandfather helped build the Iron County Courthouse.

The Correll's see the cafe as a potential jewel of the valley, much like Arcadia Valley is the jewel of the state.  With a little tender loving care, and a lot of hard work, they believe it can become something very, very special to the community and the area at large.


Plans, plans, plans.  The Correll's have quickly discovered that trying to run a restaurant while remodeling it at the same time is a rather daunting task.  But progress is being made.

What Does The Future Hold?


Interior Remodeling

As one would expect, there are lots of unforeseen issues in an old building.  However, the team is moving forward on remodeling the dining areas and hopes to have this part of the project completed by early to late Spring.

We'll do everything in our power to minimize the disruption to customers while this goes on.

Outdoor Seating

As soon as weather allows, construction of the outdoor seating area will begin.  With the awesome views, this will be a great addition.


Missouri Store

Still planning out this part of the project.  Souvenirs, Missouri made goods, hand-made soaps, t-shirts, mugs, and caps are all possibilities for the store.  More to come on this.

There are additional plans, but the Correll's are going to keep these secret for now.