It's all good...

Customers never really get to see what goes on in a cafe kitchen.  But, rest assured, the person running the kitchen and his staff are critical to the restaurant's success.  A strong serving staff is important as well.

To that end, we're very fortunate to have attracted the talents and vision of Chef Darren Garmer.  With formal training at the California Culinary Academy and over twenty years as a professional chef, Chef D brings his vast knowledge and experience to our tiny little cafe in Pilot Knob, Missouri. 

At past venues such as Turvey's On The Green, the Ritz Carlton, Patrick's at Westport Plaza, Windows on Washington, Island Way Restaurant, Norwood Hills Country Club, Jimmy Yin's Asian Cuisine, Chandler Hill Vineyard, and Companion Bakery, Chef D honed his skills in developing awe-inspiring dishes.

He's developed other food enthusiasts into budding chefs through his teaching stints at world famous Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and L'eCole Culinaire.

So why, you may ask, is Chef D working in a small cafe on the outskirts of the St. Francis Mountains?  You see, Darren is our son and he's sharing his talents with us, so we can share it with you.  It's a family thing.

Does having a chef mean we're going to have some highfalutin dishes that no one can afford to buy?  In a word, no.  What it does mean is we'll have some of the best tasting fried chicken, burgers, onion strings and desserts in the state.  Chef D is bursting with ideas for new creations that will be attractive to local patrons and visitors alike.

And for those of you with more discerning tastes, we'll be having some special nights at the cafe for you too.  More to come on that later.

Behind the scenes...

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