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COVID Precautions

The state of Missouri has loosened restrictions regarding COVID-19 as of June 16.  We don't agree that now is the time to do this and will continue following the guidelines we followed prior to June 16 for the foreseeable future.
We would appreciate our customers allowing us to implement procedures we deem necessary without making derogatory comments to employees regarding the use of masks, etc.  This is a health and safety judgement, not a political statement.  Thank you.
  1. Employee temperatures will be taken in advance of each shift.  If they have a fever, they will be sent home.
  2. Masks and gloves will be worn by kitchen employees.  
  3. Masks will be worn by servers. 
  4. Constant hand washing will be mandatory.
  5. Constant sanitizing will take place.
We have opened both the patio and the interior dining rooms.  Because of social distancing, occupancy levels will be down.
PLEASE be safe, practice social distancing and wear a mask when you can't stay at least six feet away from others.
We appreciate all of our guests following guidelines while dining with us.