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Every day we hear awesome comments from guests visiting the cafe.  We appreciate the support and thank each and every one of our ardent supporters.

I have tried several different things off the menu and have never been disappointed.  But my favorite thing about FDC is their breakfast!  The fried potatoes are incredible and their omelettes are wonderful as well!!  I would recommend FDC to anyone who is passing through the valley!

Peyton M.

Arcadia Valley, MO

Had an enjoyable breakfast with our friends this morning.  Sunny skies and a breeze on the patio was a wonderful experience with our server Whitley.

Ronald M.

Arcadia Valley, MO

Great food.  Fast Wifi.  The beets really are terrific.  I had the chicken wings and my friends had the burgers.  Everyone was pleased.

Troy T.

Unknown Location

This place has really made a great comeback!  They have redesigned the interior and made it much more comfortable and spacious.  They even added a nice outdoor patio area with an herb garden.....If you're stopping by Arcadia Valley or just swinging by from visiting the Elephant Rocks State Park be sure to come to the FDC.  

Kasia K.

Unknown Location

Their fried chicken is delicious!  I highly recommend!

Adam C.

Unknown Location

​Lunch at FDC yesterday while visiting the valley area.  The herb chicken was tender, juicy and flavorful.  The homemade chips were fantastic.  The chocolate cupcakes are a must.  I will definitely be back!

Linda C.

St. Louis, MO

I've really got to hand it to the new management at the FDC, they've really turned this place around for the better!  This place looks great and the food is delicious!  If you're sitting in the new outdoor patio and pay close attention, every once in a while you'll notice an FDC employee come out and pick fresh basil, herbs, and other greens to use to cook your food.  It doesn't get much better than that.  Fresh from the mini garden right onto your plate!  I will definitely return.

Catherine K.

Unknown Location

This place is amazing!!! Delicious, homemade food cooked with love.  I highly recommend this place to anyone.  And if you like burgers, you are going to find the best one in the world right here!

Samantha C.

Kansas City, MO

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