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What Up?

Information you may be interested in pertaining to the restaurant or Arcadia Valley.

Driving a car is fun, but...

Riding On A Train Is Funner

Want to make a weekend getaway fun for the kids? Put 'em on a train!

On November 20th, 2016 Amtrak started making daily stops at our newly renovated train depot in Arcadia Valley.  Our cafe is only five minutes away from the station.

The Texas Eagle travels from Chicago to San Antonio and back, with a stop in St. Louis.  

Only minutes from popular spots like Johnson Shut-Ins, Elephant Rocks, Fort Davidson Historic Site, Taum Sauk Mountain and Lesterville, a train ride would be an exciting start to a fun weekend in the outdoors.

The Iron County Economic Partnership, who partnered with us on the cafe, is currently working with local business owners to begin offering rental cars for adventurous train travelers.  More to come on this.

Arcadia Valley Amtrak Station
More Than A Cafe

We're becoming...


Interior renovations to the FDC will be happening throughout the winter months and into spring. The work will be completed in stages to minimize disruptions to our customers.

In addition to interior remodeling, we plan to offer outdoor seating by the spring.  You'll be able to enjoy a wonderful view of Arcadia Valley while having an entree or dessert.

Souvenirs And Gifts Anyone?


A small store adjacent to the cafe will be opened in 2017 as well.  Plans are not finalized, but souvenirs, bakery items, and Missouri-made products will be part of the mix.

So, there you have it!